How do I care for my Greener items?

Your Greener items are 100% machine washable (and dryable, but items with elastic - like Bowl Covers - will last longer if they are air-dried).  I collect all of my household linens in one bucket throughout the week, and when it gets full I toss them in the wash.  I typically soak them with an sodium carbonate product (think Oxiclean or similar) and then wash them on hot with my usual detergent.  Every couple of washes I'll do a white vinegar rinse, to prevent oil buildup.  HOT TIP - you can use a Downy Ball for your vinegar rinse! Just fill it with white vinegar to the fill line, and toss it on top of your linens, works like a charm!  Don't use a ball that's been used for fabric softener, though (and I definitely don't recommend fabric softener on ANY Greener products).

Coffee Filters and Tea Bags should be rinsed and hung up to dry after each use, and boiled once a month to prevent oil buildup. 

Beeswax Wraps should not be exposed to heat, or else you will experience wax loss (that's a fancy way of saying you will have a big mess on your hands).  Clean Beeswax Wraps with cold water and a mild dish detergent (so no wrapping raw meat or fish in them!!)

How long will my Greener items last?

With proper care, most items should last a year or more.  Cloth napkins can kind of last indefinitely.  

Have my items been pre-washed or treated with any detergents or chemicals?

Paper-Free Towels, Wipes and Makeup Rounds have been pre-washed for you, that's what gives them their characteristic "fuzzy" appearance.  I wash them in hot water with Mrs. Meyer's detergent.  I do this because these items are made from flannel, which shrinks a bit and loses a bit of "crispness" the first time it's washed.  This way, you know exactly how big your items are, and don't have any post-washing disappointment when your cloths look fuzzier or not as crisp after the first wash.  The good news is, flannel just keeps getting softer and more absorbent after each wash!

There's a loose thread on my item, what should I do?

TRIM IT, don't pull it.  

My items are not all the same size, what's up with that?

Wellllllll....okay look.  I'm an enthusiastic sewist.  But there's a reason I don't make quilts. I'm not going to make any excuses, I know my strengths and precision isn't really one of them.  Also, I tend to cut to the width of fabrics, and that does vary from fabric to fabric and vendor to vendor.  

That being said, if variation in sizing is preventing you from using and enjoying your products, please contact me and I will handle your needs.

You are sold out of the item I want, will you be re-stocking?

Sometimes? Honestly it depends on fabric availability, which varies from vendor to vendor. I make every effort to support smaller vendors and independent fabric artists when purchasing my raw materials, and sometimes re-stocks will not be possible.  But you should always ask, because if I don't think a certain pattern or item is in demand I probably-almost-definitely won't restock it, regardless.

Can I request certain colors/patterns?

You can, and PLEASE do email me if a certain pattern or color you want is out of stock.  Otherwise, I will honor color/pattern requests if I am able, just email me your request. 

Can I suggest a new product?

PLEASE!  I definitely want to hear what other green products y'all are looking for!! 

Do you have other items for sale, not listed on your website?

Yes, I do.  From time to time I will be participating in local markets and pop-ups, and there are items and patterns that will be exclusive to those events.  You'll have to come see me to find out! Follow my Instagram (@sartordesigns) to be the first to hear about these events.

How quickly will I get my order?

I will do my best to ship orders as I receive them, but, you know, life might not always cooperate with me getting to the post office on the daily. If you have a particular need in terms of when you need your order, please make sure to let me know!

I'm local to you! Do you deliver, or can I pick up, and save the shipping?

Yes! Select "Local Delivery" at checkout.  Deliveries will be made within 48 hours.

Didn't find the answer you need? Have a suggestion?  Email me!